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A holistic way to improving your health.

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Providing Unique Herbal Blends for Body, Mind and Spirit

With over 100 herbs and spices and more than 60 custom herbal blends ranging from teas, bath blends, incenses, smoking blends and herbal supplements; Utopia’s Path is sure to have what you need for body, mind and spirit wellness. All products are hand-crafted with tender care and geared toward attaining and maintaining a positive state of health. Proprietress of Utopia’s Path, Ruth David, holds a vision of providing an herbal route to a well-rounded, healthy lifestyle. Ruth has career background in traditional Western medicine and numerous years experience in Eastern Medicine and energy healing, as a Reiki Master Teacher. Ruth has practiced as a Physician Assistant and worked in higher education as a college Biology professor; she has an extensive history studying and working with herbs for medicinal and spiritual purposes.

There is a blend to suit your every physical and spiritual need, if there isn't we will make it! Utopia’s Path carries medicinal teas for an array of conditions, spiritual teas to bring peace, balance or even love into your life. Bath blends are available to ease joint and muscle pain as well as easing the symptoms of headache and many others. Herbal supplements available for those looking to boost their immune system, settle an upset stomach, or help you get a restful night’s sleep, just to name a few. “Utopia’s Path products have this way of making me feel like I am bringing wellness to my whole being, not just my body. The quality of their products is unsurpassed and for these reasons I am a Utopia’s Path addict.” Erica DeBarros, Duluth, Georgia.

Whether you are a novice to the herbal world or a connoisseur of herbal remedies, guaranteed Utopia’s Path will have something that piques your interest. Utopia’s Path products are created with the ideal of bringing balance to our beings as a whole. We are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings and herbal remedies can unite each piece of us together. “What better way to bring about and maintain a positive state of being than with what Mother Nature has provided us Herself! Every herb, spice and blend is infused with loving, healing energy through the form of Reiki. Our goal is to make people feel good from the inside out.” Ruth David

Browse Utopia’s Path products at or at 127 West Rodney French Boulevard
(Suite 2-41) in New Bedford, MA.
Interested in herbal classes or consults, contact Utopia’s Path at or friend us on Facebook.
We welcome questions, inquiries and special requests. We are here to serve society and help bring a positive state of mind-body-soul wellness to all.
Ruth David, MS, PA, RMT, CMH, NLP, CHT, CMP

127 West Rodney French Blvd

Suite 2-41
New Bedford, MA 02740


July-August Utopia's Path is open by appointment only. You can book a private shopping session, reiki, herbal consult or other using the
"Book Online" tab.

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