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Dimensions of Wellness

What is Wellness?

Wellness is an ever-changing process of growth toward an elevated state of superb well-being.  

One must continuously behave in such a way that works towards or maintains our multi-dimensional well being.

Wellness is an integrated and dynamic level of overall functioning that is oriented towards maximizing potential and is solely dependent on self-responsibility.  

Wellness involves preventive health behaviors and a shift in thinking and attitude.  Wellness is a mindset and a lifetime goal.

Wellness is multiple working parts that need continuous attention and recalibration.  These individual parts (or dimensions) include:  physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, environmental, financial and social aspects.

Wellness is a lifetime of striving towards improved levels of functioning, founded in a mindset that, we are entirely responsible and capable of achieving wellness.

One of the core missions behind Utopia's Path is to spread knowledge and information about achieving high-level wellness.  Wellness is not a final destination to be reached but a continuous, life-long journey.

Wholistic wellness is something that can be achieved by any age group, any socioeconomic group, any gender.  Wellness is for everyone. 

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